Now more than ever technology is a dominant part of everyday life. According to the latest survey data, approximately 76% of adults in the United States shop online. Smartphones are fast becoming the preferred way to conduct online business. Since eCommerce is taking the world by storm, a well-crafted website is necessary. Your website is the backbone of your business as it will be responsible for driving sales and showcasing your offerings. To make your website pop, you must choose a quality design. There are three website designs that are growing in popularity that you may want to consider choosing.

1. Flat Design

The flat website design is used on many modern websites. Many favor the flat design because the interface is simple and can be navigated seamlessly. The flat website design is suitable for all business types. Any web design company in Boca Raton can craft this design for you if you choose it.

2. The Minimalist Design

Another website design that is recommended by all first-rate companies that provide web design in Boca Raton FL is the minimalist design. The minimalist design is another one that is suitable for all business types. The minimalist design is nothing but the bare bones. All unnecessary graphics and even logos are omitted. The focus is on the content and creating a decent amount of white space. Many business owners choose the minimalist design because it boasts high traffic and conversion rates since it is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Responsive Web Design

Any company that offers custom web design in Boca Raton knows all about responsive web design as this type of design is chosen by a wide variety of businesses across all industries. Responsive web design is so popular because the appearance of the site and its functionality can change to suite the device that is accessing it. For example, if consumers are accessing a responsive site using a mobile device, the code on the site can detect it, and the layout and functionality will change to suit a mobile device. No matter the device being used, your site will always look nice.

Web Design Boca Raton FL: Keeping Accessibility in Mind

No matter which web design you choose, it is important that you keep accessibility in mind. When your website is accessible, this ensures that people with disabilities can access your site and take advantage of your goods or services. Images must have alt text, and all form fields and controls must contain programmatic labels. The proper color contrast must be used so people with low vision can see your content and interact with your site, and all video and audio content must have captions and transcripts. A web design company in Boca Raton familiar with accessibility will know how to make your site fully accessible.

If you happen to collaborate with a company that offers custom web design in Boca Raton that is not familiar with accessible, you can direct them to the WCAG2.1 standards and other materials produced by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Consider SEO

In addition to choosing a good web design, SEO, or search engine optimization, also must be strongly considered. If your site is not well optimized in the search engines, you will not receive website traffic or make sales. When consulting with a digital marketing agency in Boca Raton ask about their SEO strategy. See if they will perform SEO in Boca Raton Florida to capture a local audience as SEO in Boca Raton Florida will ensure that local people will visit your site and become paying customers.

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