Interface Design: Making the right first impression is critical to business survival.

The interface design of a website is what you see on the screen. It is the appearance of the graphic and text content of webpages. A great website designer uses the graphical elements such as color palette, the shape of the buttons, photographs, illustrations and other design motifs and elements to make a distinctive lay out, one that is pleasing to the eye.

High-end, professional website Design is a critical part of the HiIRISE Digital ‘formula for internet success’:

The way your website ‘page layout’ is designed will have an impact on your message as well. If the text is too small or not arranged well, a potential client might pass you by. A sense of ‘scale’ is key to interface design. A mixture of larger, mid-sized and smaller elements working in synergy will produce the best result.


At HiIRISE Digital we strive to create websites with a well-designed, engaging graphical interface including a pleasing color scheme, attractive logo, and easy to understand navigation system. Our interface designs will impress your visitors and inspire them to journey deeper into your website.