Content Marketing Delray Beach

Channel Marketing & Enablement

We all know that enabling your partners with marketing support increases partner activity and revenue.
However, a significant complication with marketing enablement is that almost all partners sell your products alongside directly competing brands.

So how do you enable your partners while ensuring that the marketing support you provide directly benefits only your channel program and brand?

We’re purpose-built to answer these questions.

Channel Marketing

“We invest heavily in marketing content for our partners. By enabling our partners with ContentEngine integrations, we’ve dramatically increased the effectiveness of that content.”

– Bob Embleton, CicerOne CEO

What We Do

ContentEngine = Content Syndication Automation

We build and optimize strategic, automated content feeds which are delivered to your partners’ websites and portals. Integration is fast, easy and light-weight. Core to our process is the automatic syndication of your branded and earned content into those feeds. This creates a fully automated, content-based native marketing channel that you control and that directly benefits your brand and your partners.

“Our MDF program felt like we were throwing money into the wind. By working with ContentEngine, we’ve been able to reduce our costs while delivering a marketing tool that our partners love using. Plus, the increased exposure has absolutely driven greater business outcomes.” Channel Chief, US Cybersecurity Company

Partner Enablement

Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed syndication of branded and earned content across yourpartners’ websites and portals
  • Increased through-partner demand generation
  • Reduced risk of message and brand distortion
  • Immediate generation of a scaled “back link” network (SEO)
  • Improved program efficiency delivered through automation
  • Delivery of high value marketing support for your partners
  • Full documentation and integration support included

Partners Benefits


  • Increased organic search rank
  • Additional audience acquisition opportunities
  • Increased on-site engagement
  • Improved social program efficiency
  • Improved email marketing efficiency
  • Improved PPC planning efficiency
  • Original content research efficiency
  • Reduced marketing workflows

How it Works

Content Strategy

Effective content strategies create intersections between audiences and brands, unlocking increased acquisition, engagement and sales.

We work with you to:

  • Develop deep understandings of what content themes are most relevant to your brand, your partners and their end clients
  • Build data-driven, strategic topical hierarchies that is optimized for attracting, informing and educating your partners’ end clients
  • Deliver comprehensive content matrices, inclusive of your branded and earned content

Content Discovery & Curation

We leverage our proprietary natural language analysis engine to explore tens of thousands of information sources.
The engine then extracts the most relevant and meaningful content for your partners’ audiences while also uncovering content that comprehensively represents specific keyword hierarchies.
Inherent to the process is the syndication of your branded and earned content. There is no code or technology integration required at the vendor level.

Content Delivery

ContentEngines are delivered to your partners through light-weight integrations, including WordPress plugins, Javascript and a variety of data arrays via API.
This enables delivery to essentially any digital environment. In addition to providing full integration documentation, we also fully support integration with live agents to ensure partner success.