SEO Marketing Services Overview

SEO Marketing Service Overview

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is the art and science of tuning or ‘optimizing’ your website to resonate with the top search engine algorithms so that your website attains good SERP results ( search engine result positions ). There are optimizations that search marketers perform on your website itself ( onsite SEO ) as well as things that are not on your website, such as acquiring backlinks ( offsite SEO )

SEOs perform a number of tasks on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that a website is optimized. Google and Bing search engines are continuously looking for content ( text, photos, video etc. ) that are relevant to their visitors search requests. The websites that demonstrate that they are authoritative on a certain search request tend to come up higher than others that are more ‘generic’ in terms of their content.

Here are some of the top SEO services provided by the HiRISE Digital SEO team:

SEO Marketing Services – Ongoing Search Engine Optimization including ( but not limited to )

  • Onsite SEO – Optimization of elements on the website itself including:
    • Manage SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO etc.
    • Perform keyword analysis and keyword SERP reporting ( rank reports )
    • Perform ongoing meta title, meta description and alt tag optimization
    • Perform XML sitemap file optimization and maintenance
    • Blog posts – Adding and promoting original blog content 1-2 x per month )
    • Create content – adding new article pages and copy on monthly basis
    • Implement intrasite contextual linking / alt attribute tags
    • Perform mobile optimization
    • Create and manage / rich snippet tags
    • Optimization of tags ( header tags )
    • Fix broken links
    • Fix html coding errors
    • Optimize CSS and Javascript files including minification
    • Perform Ongoing Google Webmaster Tool recommended maintenance
    • Provide file compression to optimize website load time
  • Offsite SEO – Link building / local SEO including:
    • Assist in managing Google, Yelp and Facebook Reviews
    • Submission of website to Acxiom, Infogroup, Factual and other data aggregators
    • Acquiring backlinks from authoritative insurance industry directories
    • Acquiring backlinks from relevant local and national directory sites ( see below )

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