Google is one the largest places where people go to learn about different products, services, and businesses. Many times reviews are left that let others know about their experiences with your business. 63% of all consumers will use Google reviews to influence their decisions. 

Sometimes, you will have negative reviews that adversely affect your business. Here are seven tips on how to effectively handle bad reviews on Google. 


Acknowledging a bad review shows that you care. Everyone sees that you have a setback and are doing your best to overcome it. They will sympathize with you and overlook these negative reviews. 

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Don’t take it Personally

Never take a bad review personally no matter how disrespectful or rude. Your goal is to deescalate the situation and this means thinking with a clear head. Once you do is when you can reach out to this person and find out what happened. Their insights could be critical in helping you to identify potential problems. 

Contact the Author of the Negative Review Privately

You always want to contact the author of the review through email or direct messaging. The objective is to do everything out of the public eye and understand what happened. This helps you to deal with any issues and show empathy. The odds are high that this person will take down or amend the negative review. 

Never Get Defensive

You never want to get defensive from a negative review. This makes it harder to diffuse the situation and build a rapport with the person. You always want to thank them for the review and let them know you are working on solving the problem. 

This is one of the most effective tools to improve your online marketing in Delray Beach and address any issues. Negative reviews help you to see what is wrong and create a strategy for fixing it. 

Address Unfair Reviews

Sometimes, negative reviews will be unfair. This is from confusion on the part of the other person. You always want to look at these reviews to identify possible issues and improve your understanding of what happened. This helps you to offer more. Knowing this information improves your SEO in South Florida. 

Create Automatic Responses

You always want to have a consistent message for negative reviews. This is a way of letting the person know you hear them and are addressing their concerns immediately. We recommend creating a template that is created for how you respond. 

Be Flexible

Flexibility is the key to dealing with negative reviews. It shows that you can take constructive criticism and get to the bottom of the issue. This improves your customer service and reputation. 

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