The increasingly popular app, TikTok, has brought overnight fame to many users – literally. To jump on this bandwagon, all you need to get started is your cellphone and the app. As a small business owner looking for new ways to grow brand awareness, you have probably wondered whether TikTok is worth the effort. And, if so, should you hire a Delray Beach SEO company, such as Hirise Digital, or do it yourself?

In this article, we explore the benefits of TikTok for businesses, whether it’s the right avenue your business should pursue, and how to get started.

What is TikTok – in a Nutshell?

If you are reading this article, then you may not know a lot about this new social media app. It is one of the newest social media platforms that makes it easy to connect with an audience with quick, to-the-point videos. Video marketing should already be a significant part of your digital marketing strategy. TikTok allows businesses and individuals to create good quality videos in just minutes, using the app.

Additionally, it has recently challenged YouTube, the oldest video sharing platform, by increasing the maximum video length to 10 minutes. So, it can no longer be considered a “short-form” platform – but it’s important to note that 7-12 second videos still perform better than any other video length as of writing this article.

Best Ways to Connect with New Audiences

Not only is it easy for businesses to create and upload videos while using the app, but you don’t need to scratch your head for hours, wondering what to post. TikTok isn’t about originality. Many of the users who find popularity on the app do so by following a trend, often lip-syncing to someone else’s audio. In other words, your content doesn’t have to be original or complex to connect your brand with millions of viewers.

The app essentially tells you what type of content your business should create in their “discover” section. All you need to do is follow a popular trend, use popular hashtags, and add a popular sound to easily reach thousands of users. Of course, you need to incorporate your business in some way, but you will be surprised at how effortless this can be.

Is TikTok Right for Your Business?

Now that you know more about this new, popular platform and how easy it is to use and create overnight sensations, you’re probably ready to download it and start making videos. However, there is still one question that needs to be answered: is your target audience on TikTok?

The majority of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-30, so you would benefit most by using this platform if your target audience is young. If your audience is older, you may consider putting your efforts elsewhere, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In marketing, it is always wise to think outside of the box, but at the same time, you don’t want to use your resources unwisely. Additionally, most of the content on TikTok is considered light-hearted, which could be difficult to spin depending on your industry, product, and/or service.

However, if you still want to experiment with the app, the team at Hirise Digital can help you pursue this avenue, gauge its efficiency, and inform you on the best approach your business should take. Our team has years of experience performing offsite SEO for businesses small and large, helping to establish them as an authority in their field.

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