SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whether big or small, SEO plays a crucial role in boosting web traffic and generating leads for many businesses. As we move into 2022, SEO is becoming more vital. But don’t take out word for it. Here are 8 facts about SEO that will make you go digital. 

Here Are 8 Facts About SEO

If your SEO knowledge is a bit rusty, these facts will get you up to speed. The facts mentioned below will reveal the actuality of SEO and improve your marketing strategy.  

  • 75% of Your Ranking Depends on Off-Page SEO

All the efforts you put in creating stellar content only contribute towards 25% of your Google ranking. The rest of the 75% depends on off-page SEO. Off-page SEO means getting backlinks from trustworthy websites. Backlinks act as testimonials for your website, an endorsement from a credible site that your business is legitimate. 

  • High Wordcount Matters 

Top ranking pages on Google have an average word count between 1,200 and 1,500 words. It doesn’t matter which keyword you are targeting. Google prefers long-form content instead of short blogs and articles. Aim for at least 1,200 words during the first few months of your content marketing. When your website starts ranking, you can gradually reduce your word count. 

Web visitors spend more time on long-form content, which reduces the bounce rate. However, long-form content doesn’t mean you should stretch a straightforward topic. Try adding value for the reader and set your content apart from others. 

  • Users Will Abandon a Slow Website 

Your website is an extension of your values and beliefs. If it’s slow, web visitors will instinctively assume your service is slower. Moreover, 40% of web visitors abandon a slow website. If your site doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds, 50% of your web traffic will leave without visiting other pages.

 As shocking as it may sound, think about it from the customer’s point of view. Will you wait for a website to load when you know several other sites offer the same product or service? 

  • People Browse on Their Phones

Gone are the days when computers were the only source of accessing the internet. Consumers prefer web browsing through their cell phones. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you’ll fail to capture potential customers. After all, browsing on your cell phone is much convenient than on a computer. 

Google also expects your website to have a mobile page. If it doesn’t, your SEO efforts will go in vain. Design an SEO-optimized mobile web page, and your Google ranking will automatically improve. 

  • Pages Titles Are Crucial for SEO 

Page titles are clickbait for your website. Your target audience won’t click on your website unless it has a captivating page title. A page title is at the top of your website, and it’s also called a meta title. It should be engaging, targeted, and according to what your customers are looking for. Moreover, your page title should contain your primary keyword to boost SEO ranking. 

  • One High-Quality Backlink is Worth 100 Low-Quality Ones

Backlinking is the most critical aspect of SEO. Most websites exploit this by gaining links from less credible platforms. For instance, if you are selling shoes, your backlinks should be from the same niche. Moreover, a high-quality backlink has 90+ domain and page authority. It’s hard to get a backlink from these websites because they don’t share their platform with everyone. However, some top DA websites like offer free backlinks. 

  • Persuasive Meta Description Can Increase Your Clickthrough Rate 

Everyone knows meta descriptions should include your main keyword because it helps in Google ranking. But how do you improve your clickthrough rate? The best strategy to maximize clickthrough rate with meta description is by leaving out information. Add an element of mystery in the meta description that entices online users to click on your meta title and browse your site. 

  • Voice Search Is Increasing Day-by-Day

As of currently available stats, 120 million homes in the US have smart speakers. Their online search is voice-based, meaning Google keywords are changing. If your SEO efforts aren’t focused on voice search, now is the best time. The keywords for voice search are different and easier to integrate into your content. So, take the first-movers advantage before voice search keywords are saturated. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is growing and constantly changing. Over the past couple of years, Google has made significant changes to its algorithm, forcing Search Engine Optimization to change its practice. The best SEO-optimized website is designed with the consumer in mind. For the best SEO results, Delray Beach businesses should contact HiRISE Digital. Their team of SEO experts will take your website to the next level. 

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