For any website, finding the right hosting package is critical in deciding your levels of success. The challenge is that lots of companies make promises and never deliver on what they tell you.

Demand for web hosting is sitting at $56.7 billion and will grow by 15.5% a year until 2027. These statistics show that web hosting is in demand and a necessary part of your website’s success.

Finding the best web host in Delray Beach can be tricky, and you want to look at certain factors to locate the best ones. We examine those factors you want to focus on to find an excellent web hosting provider.

Up Time

Your website is your way of showing the world that you are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your web hosting company should keep everything running 99.9% of the time to prevent the loss of customers.

The more your website is offline, the greater the chances of losing money and damaging your business’s reputation. In 2013, lost $66,240 a minute when the company’s website went down.

The best web hosting companies will give you guarantees about up time in the range of 99.9%. These firms will keep your website running, no matter what is happening in the world around us.

We recommend using a web host in Delray Beach that can offer you these guarantees for your website.

Hirise Digital is a premier web hosting company with competitive prices and comprehensive packages. Our web hosting plans include domain name registration, c panel, and email services for $9.99 a month.


Let’s face the facts; the internet is dealing with increasing security threats every day that are growing.

Every 11 seconds, there is ransomware or some form of a cyber attack on businesses. The rising number of threats makes your website vulnerable to hackers that are looking to exploit any breaches.

Your web hosting company plays a role by having the personnel and systems that prevent breaches. You want to go with a company that has dedicated professionals monitoring suspicious activities. These firms use the latest cyber security solutions to protect the most sensitive information of your business and customers.

We recommend going with a web hosting provider that will guarantee the highest levels of cyber security for your website.

HiRise Digital uses the most sophisticated web security in the industry, including SSL certificates, malware scans, backups, and firewalls. We take cyber security seriously and use these and other tools to thwart the efforts of hackers.


Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your website can handle before overloading and shutting down. When you first start your website, your bandwidth will be lower and increase over time with more traffic.

The best web hosting providers don’t lock you into a contract for a specific amount of bandwidth or charge you extra to change. Instead, these firms focus on growing with the changes in your business.

We recommend giving yourself some room to deal with any increases in traffic to your website. The best approach is to go with unlimited bandwidth to ensure you can handle future increases.

HiRise Digital has different hosting packages to match the needs of your website. As you grow, we give you access to a dedicated server that handles all of your traffic.

Focus on Quality over Price

Anytime you are starting a new business venture, price is one of the most critical factors. You have a limited budget and want to keep things affordable so your business can grow properly.

The challenge is that sometimes the price will give you the worst outcomes on the internet. We recommend thinking about what you are getting for your money, your current, and future needs. All of these factors play a role in deciding the quality of web hosting services you are receiving.

HiRise Digital has an assortment of web hosting packages to choose from that will work with any budget. We understand the challenges you face and are here to give you the best services for your money.

We are Your Web Hosting Solution

These are some of the things you want to think about to find an excellent web hosting provider. Call Hirise Digital at 480-624-2500 and see why we are the best at everything on the internet, from web hosting to SEO in Delray Beach.

Go with the best to get the services you require to grow your website now and into the future. We are here for you and located on Linton Boulevard, just off of South Federal Highway in Delray Beach.