Finding the right web host can be challenging, with lots of companies claiming to be the best. Web hosting is in such strong demand that it is growing into a $149 billion industry. 

The issue is realizing what to look for to identify the best web hosting for your current and future needs. Here are some things you want to think about when choosing your web host in Delray Beach. 

Wants and Needs

The best approach is to think about the wants and needs for your website. It means considering what matters the most to keep everything running smoothly. 

For example, if your website is a subscription-based newsletter you will focus on storage, speed, and content delivery options. This is different if you are running an e-commerce site where security and bandwidth are the most important factors. 

You also want to think about your content delivery and management system. WordPress is widely used and our web hosting offers services that are customized for this platform such as DreamPress and DreamHost. 

We recommend visiting with our team about how to get the best web host in Delray Beach for your site. 

Hirise Digital offers boutique solutions for web design, hosting, and marketing. We have five-star reviews for our knowledge, professionalism, and experience. No one can get you better results than our team of experts. 

Uptime and Reliability

The uptimes are those situations when your website is up, running, and open to visitors. Ideally, you want to get something close to 100% to ensure that you are always available to new traffic. 

You also want to think about how the company deals with issues when your website is down. The best approach is to see how long it takes to get everything back to normal. You should look carefully at the web hosting policy to see how much uptime is guaranteed and any possible contingency plans. 

Our uptime for web hosting is near 100% and we have effective strategies for dealing with those times when your site is offline. Even though this is rare, you always want to work with a hosting company that knows what to do to address these issues. 

At Hirise Digital, we follow the highest standards to improve your uptime and reliability. Our CEO Rick Waters is the most knowledgeable, experienced, and savvy in hosting, design, and marketing. No one knows more about how to get the best results out of your website than Rick. 

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