A lot of people see going viral as a random act that sometimes generates revenue or boosts sales. While this is partially true, the reality is there’s so much viral content that a lot of what’s published goes unnoticed. Writing for a blog is a promotional activity that requires planning and working knowledge of an industry. Overall, there’s a big difference between a professional blog writer and someone who writes as a hobby. 

Determine What Qualities the Writer Should Have 

While there are many ways to create marketable content, knowing writers’ specialties helps determine if their skills are compatible with your needs. You may want someone who’s good at reporting news or events, uses statistical data or verifiable sources. For some companies, the ability to edit and embed streaming video or presentations is also an in-demand skill. 

Look at Writing Credentials 

Many writers have an online portfolio available for public view. It may be on their own domain or on a shared platform and contains sample excerpts or links to pieces they have written. Ideally, their content lists them as the author or creator. If a blog writer for a small business doesn’t have an online portfolio, you can ask for clips that demonstrate the writer’s writing ability and style. 

Conduct an Interview or Session Chat 

Once you’ve found a couple of people you believe are the ideal blog writer for a small business, speaking with them in an online chat session or phone gets both parties better acquainted. The first step is to agree on a time and estimated duration. Ordinarily, 15 to 30 minutes is ideal. However, if you’re looking for someone who’ll be taking on multiple duties like social media posts, allotting a little more time is a good idea. 

Be Realistic About Your Needs 

If you want a blog writer with working knowledge of a specific industry, be prepared to make an investment. This makes the difference between a generalist who may produce boring content or someone who has the knowledge to know what it is they’re writing about. The latter knows where to get facts and may have their own list of solid resources to support their content. Exciting or informative content is always worth sharing with peers and others who are active on social media. 

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