How does your company plan to stand out against its competition and the vast amount of content being published these days? It’s time to create a solid social media strategy for 2024. If your efforts did not prove fruitful in 2023, there is room for improvement. If you don’t have the time to create your own social media marketing plan, we recommend hiring a social media company, such as Hirise Digital. We can create your strategy from scratch, so you can focus on other elements of your business. You can trust us to get the job done, as we have helped B2C and B2B businesses in South Florida (and around the USA) profit since 2016.

So, where is a good place to start with your new strategy? Read on!

Set Goals

The first thing you will want to do is set goals for your business. Goals will help you define what successful results look like for you. It reveals what your priorities are and what efforts should take a backburner. Additionally, it will help keep you moving forward rather than staying stagnant or, worse, moving backward. So, never underestimate the power of setting goals. An important tip is to make sure your goals are realistic. Goals help define your social media strategy and will dictate how much time, energy, and money you put towards it. If the time, energy, and money are not there to begin with, you will feel overwhelmed, and your goals can have the opposite effect.

Focus on Your Message

Social media marketing trends are still moving towards personalized messages. Customers don’t want to see messages unless they are acutely designed for them and their wants/needs. The good news is more social media platforms are allowing businesses to create more defined ways to segment their demographics. Review the data you have collected on your users to determine what they’re looking for. Just keep in mind that personalization can be a double-edged sword, as customers are growing warier of advertisers that collect too much information on them. We recommend treading carefully and putting yourself in the shoes of your target demographic, so you don’t cross any lines.

Learn About Your Audience

If you aren’t doing so already, you should use social media to learn more about your audience. When you want to learn as much as you can about your audience, all you need is the right tool. When you hire the professional staff at Hirise Digital, they’ll have that covered for you. The right tool will tell you the best platforms to utilize and the type of content to publish. As a result, you will only focus on the platforms that will generate more leads. There may be several social media platforms to use, but it may not be the best strategy to use all of them.

Use Influencer’s Properly

It isn’t enough to hire an influencer to say how amazing your goods or services are. Your audience wants to see a lot more than a famous face. Even if you hire someone as big as Kim Kardashian to promote your skincare product, for example, your audience won’t care (but it will increase brand awareness) unless the influencer uses the product to showcase its value and explains how she and others can get the most out of it.

Know What Content is Engaging

It’s no surprise that you must continue to produce engaging content, but what does that look like nowadays? Video is still one of the most significant forms of content. As a result, brands are using it in a variety of ways, including live streams to connect with their audience and pre-recorded videos by a customer who has used your product/service. Videos can be long or short, so continue to be creative with your video content, as it is extremely adaptable. While we recommend that you experiment, make sure to continue using tried and true methods for immediate customer engagement.

Contact Hirise Digital

As simple as some of these tips may be, they won’t be easy to execute unless you have the time to do it. If you don’t, we still recommend following these tips by hiring a social media company to do the job for you. If you are in Delray Beach or the surrounding area, trust the team at Hirise Digital. With our 5 Star Google review rating and top-rated clientele, you can trust you have made the right choice. Contact us or call (561) 346-9781.